Monday, June 2, 2008

Green Your Zip Code

Sometimes someone comes up with an idea and you hit yourself on the head and say "Wow" I wish I thought of simple and pure genius. Well that is what I think about a new program call Not only is it great but it is GREEN.

So what is it you ask? is a unique program that helps your town raise funds for their environmental initiatives. Basically, the company will put your town's zip code on reuseable water bottles and grocery bags and/or magnets. The product says your town's zip code and the words "goes green" after it. So say you live in Maplewood, NJ (the hometown of the man behind the program), the bag or water bottle would say "07040 goes green."  

I first spotted a water bottle at meeting at my son's school and quickly looked up the website on my phone under the table. As a member of my town's "Sustainable Task Force" working to green our town, I quickly wanted to find out what a local zip code was doing on a water bottle.

What I learned was 25% percent of the sales of a town's products goes directly to the organization tied to the program.  It is a fast and easy way to raise awareness and needed funds for any local environmental program.  The money raised could just go to pay to rent a table at the town's street fair where you can sell the product. Resident's using these products will feel like they have taken a step to help a local initiative and be a part of a community that is working to be more sustainable.  

ZipGoesGreen products can help local communities minimize waste, assists in funding green and other town initiatives and serves as an ongoing, street-level ad campaign for the greening of the town. Brilliant!

"Like so many critically important social and political movements, much of the energy and conviction related to environmental issues is being harnessed and organized at the local level. ZipGoesGreen is a unique initiative where towns and local organizations partner with us to collaborate on raising funds to support their green efforts. Our mission is to deliver the simplest and most creatively compelling way to help raise funds to support you and your neighbors’ local green initiatives – the initiatives that are shaping America’s response to the environmental issues that we face," said Mike Aaron, President of ZipGoesGreen.

If you have any role in your local environmental initiatives or know someone who does, pass this along.  To sign up for or learn more about the program, go to the website, email or call 973-821-4213.

I am working on getting it for my zip.

Also, if you know of any other ingenious green ideas like this, please pass them my way.

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JR Enthusiast! said...

Okay – so everyone knows that some pretty scary stuff is happening to our world from war and economic crisis to global warming and climate change. But nobody seems to know how to stop these things from happening. Its like we all want to do better in our day-to-day life and be more responsible, but does it really make a difference?

It does.

I just finished reading James Ray’s new book called Harmonic Wealth and then attended a teleseminar with James about how we can spread Harmonic Wealth around the world. James really hit the nail on the head with this one idea. He talked about PHASE TRANSITION – it’s a scientific term that describes how when a critical mass of something (like a certain number of molecules) is met, then a shift in the entire structure occurs. It’s what they use to describe a liquid turning to gas at a certain temperature and that sort of thing.

James used it to explain how WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD. Seriously. If it makes sense at a molecular level, than it makes sense on a global scale, too. If enough of us make those changes happen in our own lives (get the Hybrid, recycle, go carbon neutral, vote against war, etc.), at a certain point we will hit critical mass and the change will happen for everyone! You can feel it happening already and I certainly want to be a part of it.

Check out his book at the Harmonic Wealth website:

- A JR Enthusiast