Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Blog Name...Green Luvin'

So many of you must be thinking what happened to A Greeniac's World and why is this blog called Green Luvin'. Well, in today's corporate world, where everything is owned by someone, I have learned that "Greeniac" is trademarked.

A couple weeks ago I received letter from a lawyer for the "UNLAWFUL USE of Greeniac and Greeniacs." The lawyer represents, a social networking site on environmental issues. They own the trademark for Greeniac, Greeniacs, A Greeniac Nation is a Happy Nation, Greeniac Nation, Of course they also own,, and many other variations using the word Greeniac.

So therefore, my use of Greeniac in the title of my blog was a trademark infringement and I have to stop using it or they will start legal action.

So from now on, unless I find a better blog name, you will reading Green Luvin'.

Enjoy and stay green,


1 comment:

jen said...

What's in a name anyway? What you have to say...and you have a what's really worth the read!

Keep on bloging!
love the peace image too!