Friday, April 11, 2008

Some suggested reading while A Greeniac's World is on vacation.

A Greeniac's World is going on vacation.  So for all you who need some "green" reading while I am away check out the new issue of Vanity Fair,  the "Green Issue."  Not only does Madonna look as gorgeous as ever, there are some really interesting and sometimes scary articles.

Check out the piece by Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele entitled "Monsanto's Assault of the Farmer," an in-depth look into how scary this company is and what they are doing to the dairy industry (which I previously wrote about here).

There is piece about how Michael Forbes is going up against Donald Trump because "the Donald" wants to build a luxury golf coarse on the coast of Scotland. It has come under fire by environmentalist and the local fisherman, Mr. Forbes.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has written a Manifesto to the next U.S President saying that the new president's first task should be to tackle global warming. There is an investigative story on the rush to drill for oil in the Arctic Circle and another about how oil-drilling is leading to the extinction of the polar bears.

Not a green piece but for those of you who love Bob Dylan check out "Inside Dylan's Brain" a cataloguing of themes that Dylan has chosen for his XM radio show, the artists he likes, and other Dylan preferences and quirks.

There is much much more.  So happy reading and have a great week. 


Dan said...

Love the blog, entertaining and pragmatic.

I didn't realize you were going on vacation because I thought you and your readers may want to get involved in a fun debate we're getting going around genetically modified food at Huddler. Stop in if you get a second, I'm sure your take would be invaluable and you should link to your blog. Enjoy your vacation!

Crafty Green Poet said...

great to see the debacle around Trump's plans in Scotland getting this kind of coverage!