Saturday, February 16, 2008

Organic Produce Delivered to Your Door

So now that I am committed to buying only organic and locally grown foods, in addition to limiting my families intake of process foods, I noticed that shopping has become more difficult and more expensive.  

The main supermarkets near my house are Whole Foods and ShopRite.   Although Whole Foods is widely considered the market to purchase your organic fruits and vegetables, I have discovered that only a small percentage of the produce sold there actually is organic.  Just yesterday I went to pick up some fresh produce and hardly anything was organic -- grapes, berries, tomatoes, garlic and eggplant, to name a few -- all conventional industrial produce. 

So through a suggestion of a friend, I joined Door to Door Organics -- an organic produce delivery service.  They offer customers different size produce boxes depending on your needs from the Itty Bitty Box that contains 4 fruit types and 5 vegetable varieties for $25.00 per week to a Large Box for $60.00 that includes 5-6 fruit types and 9-10 vegetable varieties.  I decided that I should start with the Itty Bitty Box and so far it is perfect. Every Friday I get an email from the company telling me what fruits and veggies will be included in my box which will be delivered the following Wednesday.  I have the weekend to decide if I want to substitute anything from the box from a long list of choices they offer.  I can also add additional fruits and veggies to the box.  

So far I love it.  We have fresh organic fruits and veggies all week. The company also tries their best to include locally grown produce as much as possible in addition they reuse the boxes and packing to limited the amount of materials they use. 

Organic delivery services seem to be a growing market.  Door to Door Organic has four locations: Pennsylvania, Michigan, Colorado and Ohio River Valley.  A quick Google search for "organic delivery services" came up with dozens of companies all over the country.  Prior to signing up for a service, I suggest that you check all the companies policies and if they strive to buy locally and deliver with the least impact to the environment.  I noticed that one company in Austin, TX called Greenling Organic Delivery provides its customers with a reusable plastic insulated box and New Root Organics in Seattle uses reusable rubbermaid containers with lids. 

No matter where you live you should be able to find a local service in your area. However, for those of you who live in warmer climates, the other options are food co-ops and local farmers markets. And for those who live in Manhattan, even if the weather is bad, there are farmers markets all over the city that sell locally grown and organic foods all year round.


brenda said...

rent the movie "the real dirt about farmer john". It's about an illinois farmer that goes from pesticides to organic, from crewcut to love beads, and finally delivers organic goods to surbanites.

Lucia said...

Well, this door-to-door organic service sounds very interesting and I hope it will be available in more states. I leave in California (so no problems here with eating fresh and organic the whole year ;-) and I subscribe to a local farm. I love it too; I get vegetables that, at first, I say they are weird but after a while I get in love with them. I discovered vegetables I did not know they exist. However, I love it and I hope that one day everybody will consider eating organic food. It is nice to know that the producers make it easy for us, like in this case - they deliver it at your door.

Christina said...

Door to door of Pennsylvania is horrible! The produce was great and having it delivered right to my door was fantastic but, the customer service sucks! After only four or five orders I had already had two orders with stuff missing. Even though they advertise that they replace anything you are not happy with they ignored two reports of severely overripe produce, one by phone and one by e-mail. When I had an order come in with two items missing, I e-mailed and got no response. E-mails aren't guaranteed, I e-mailed again and my next order showed up minus the missing items still. After my tenth e-mail, I canceled the service and have yet to receive any response or credit to my credit card. Dealing with him is not worth the hassle.

Anonymous said...

Door to Door Organics is Awful! My experience with their customer service is terrible. The produce was delivered with fruit already going bad. It was not quality at all. All I desired was fresh produce to feed my family and they delivered very near rotten produce. I tried to explain this to the company; however, they didn't answer the answering machine messages I left and never returned my calls. That is, not until I cancelled payment. A word of advice, find a more trustworthy company to order your produce.

Annette said...

Wow, I am SHOCKED to hear about the bad service people have had with Door to Door. I am a colorado customer and they are stellar here. The customer service is amazing and the produce is way better than what you can find in the shops. Never a problem with ripeness, dings or bruises.

Since it's just in a cardboard box, I wouldn't have it delivered to my house where it would sit out all day, but I have it delivered to work and all is well.